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Blogspot Resource for all you need to build, customize and improve your blogspot blog. Learn how to optimize it for search engines, how to edit it to appear more professional to your visitors. Learn staff like that.

Create Blogspot

Create your Blogspot/Blogger blog in just two minutes.
1. Go to Blogger.com.
2.Click on "Create Your Blog Now". Read More..

Blogspot Title

Blogspt title is the title that appears at the top of the browser, it also appears in the search engines results. It is so important to optimize the title of your Blogspot blog. Follow these tips for good title optimization. Read more..

Blogspot SEO

There are some tips to optimize your free blog hosted at Blogspot.com, you know as I know that the blog on Blogger.com is very Good content container that do very well with search engines especially with. Read more..

Blogspot Edit

How to edit your blogspot blog; you can edit your blog hosted in blogger.com, you can edit the template, archive, link menu and all the other things. Read more..

Add Google Analytics Code to Blogspot Blog

If you want to track your blogspot blog, you have to add Google analytics code to it to know all traffic information. Read more..

Blogspot Directory

Add your blog to all blogspot directories available, this is the directory of blog directories to submit your blog right now. After submitting your blog, you will receive more traffic and increase your blog ranking in all major search engines. Read more..

Change the Blogspot Title to be SEO Friendly

When you create a new blog on Blogger.com, the title of every new post comes after the title of the blog, this is not a SEO friendly form because search engines crawl the pages from left to right. Read more..

Adsense in Blogspot

In this lesson, I will teach you how to add Google Adsense Ads in your blogspot blog.
1. Generate the code from your Adsense account. Read more..

Add Favicon to Blogger

How to add a favicon icon to your blogger/blogspot blog.
Favicon is a small image that will appear beside your blog URL or when one of your visitors bookmarks it. Read more..

Add Third Column to Blogger

Adding Third Column to your Blogger/Blogspot blog
Personally, I have liked this tutorial because it gives me more space to add some ads and categories. Read more..