Add Google Analytics Code to Blogspot Blog

If you want to track your blogspot blog, you have to add Google analytics code to it to know all traffic information.

1. First, you must Login to your Google Account from here: https://www.google.com/accounts/Login
If you don't have an accounts, register for a new one.

2. After you are login, you can choose the "Google Analytics" option to add a new website.

3. At the bottom, click on "Add Website Profile" > Choose "Add a profile for a new domain" and fill in the other information.

4. Google Analytics will generate a special code to add in your website, copy this code.

5. Login to your Blogger.com account, and from the dashboard of your blog click on "Template" then click on "Edit HTML". Scroll down till you find this tag; </body> at the bottom of the page and post the code right above that tag.

6. Google Analytics will receive the data after 24 hours, if you don't paste the code correctly the tracking statue will generate this statement "Tracking status unknown", so you have to recopy and past the code in the correct area.