Adsense in Blogspot

In this lesson, I will teach you how to add Google Adsense Ads in your blogspot blog.

1. Generate the code from your Adsense account.
Login to your Adsense account > Click on "Adsense Setup" > Click on "Adsense for Content" > Choose "Ad Unit" and click "Continue".

Choose the Ad format and the colors, I advice you to choose the "Wide Skyskraber" to add it in in the sidebar of your blog, you can also add "Large Rectangle" at the bottom of your blog.

After choosing the format and the colors click "Continue", then add a new channel to track the ads located in your blog. Channels tell you if your ads do well or not. Copy the generated code.

2. Login to your Blogger.com account, and from the Dashboard click on "Template" > "Page Element" > and click on "Add a Page Element". Now, you must add "HTML/JavaScript" element to your blog, and past the Adsense code then save the changes.

3. Change the position. You can change the position of the element by dragging it by the mouse. You can add only 3 units of "Adsense for Content" ads. That is it.

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