SEO Resource

SEO Resource section will tell you how to optimize your website and blog for search engines, you know as I know that the best traffic that coming from search engines, that traffic is huge and very targeted. You can apply my tips to improve your website ranking in major search engines.

Top on-page SEO tips

The on-page SEO "search engine optimization" is very important to make a good relationship between your site and the search engines, the on-page SEO techniques which will tell the search engines that your website is there!. Read more..

Make your blog seo friendly

There are some tips to make your blog seo friendly, i mean by (seo friendly) is to make your blog to come in the first results of search engines. Read more..

How to get Google to index Your Website Quickly

The important issue after building your new website is how to get it indexed by Google search engine fast, the ordinary method that you add your website to the URL submission of Google is not the perfect way to get your website indexed by Google in days. Read more

Blogspot SEO

There are some tips to optimize your free blog hosted at Blogspot.com, you know as I know that the blog on Blogger.com is very Good content container that do very well with search engines especially with. Read more..

Change the Blogspot Title to be SEO Friendly

When you create a new blog on Blogger.com, the title of every new post comes after the title of the blog, this is not a SEO friendly form because search engines crawl the pages from left to right. Read more..