How to get Google to index Your Website Quickly

The important issue after building your new website is how to get it indexed by Google search engine fast, the ordinary method that you add your website to the URL submission of Google is not the perfect way to get your website indexed by Google in days, by doing such method you will see your website in the results of Google after months, so don't make that.

I will tell you step by step how to get your new website indexed by Google in approximately 5 days, it is guaranteed method for new websites.

1. Go to www.Digg.com and register for a new account, submit a story about your new website providing the readers what your goal from this website, what your service, why you setup that website. Write about 4 lines describing your new website.

2. Go to www.Blogger.com and register for a new account, to setup a blog in Blogger.com you must choose the name of the new blog, choose a name that is related to the topic of your site, then start posting about your new website describing the above issues.

3. Go to www.Wordpress.com and register for a new account, setup a new blog, write a post about your new website, 4 paragraphs about your service will be good.

4. Try the steps 2 and 3 every 2 days to avoid spamming, after approximately 5 days you can see your new website appearing in the results of Google search engines, you can get some links to your blogs by submitting them to blog directories.