Top on-page SEO tips

The on-page SEO "search engine optimization" is very important to make a good relationship between your site and the search engines, the on-page SEO techniques which will tell the search engines that your website is there!

1. Keyword in the title. You should add your main keyword in the title meta tag, it is so important to add this keyword to send the order to the search engine that your web page is related to the topic of that keyword.

2. Keyword in the description meta tag. It is also very important to add the main keyword within the meta description tag, this will add More relevance to your web page about the topic.

3. Headings. You may also add the main keyword is the form of headings especially the heading one form the font editing function in your web design software. You should also stick the main keyword at the top of your page.

4. Inner links. You should make the inner links with the anchor texts of the optimized keywords of every web page.

5. Bold keyword. You may bold the main keyword at least one time with in the web page.

6. Distribute the main keyword through the page. Distribute your main keyword through the page many times.

Good luck and happy SEO...