How to Get Rank 1 in Google

Follow this instructions to get rank one in Google and to receive very high quality traffic to your website, this technique in based on article submitting but with some smart tactics.

1- Write informative article: Write a good article about your topic, try to give something helpful for your readers. Solve one of their problems in that article.

2- Avoid bad English: Write the article in correct spelling and grammar English, avoid small mistakes and give some interests to the sentence structures. To help yourself, test the article through Microsoft Word document, it detects the errors automatically and give you the right suggestions.

3- Target a long tail keyword: To be sure that your article will get the rank1 in Google, target a long tail keyword which should be 3 to 6 words instead of short keywords that includes only 2 words. Long tail keywords are less competitive and can be ranked one fast if you submit your article to an authority website. Read here how to pick a long tail keyword.

3- Add your link at the end of the article: Now, add your link code at the end, don't forget the call of action. For example, If you would to learn more about xxx, feel free to visit our website www.xxxx.com.

4- Submit this article to OGB: By submitting your article to OGB, you will be very near from the Google's rank one. This authority blog is indexed by Google in very good way and every post get high ranking after minutes.
Submit through the link at the right that says "Submit an Article".

5- Get rank 1 and start receiving very targeted traffic: After you submit your article and after I publish it, you will find your article in the first result and the readers that find your article will visit your site to learn more from your experiences.

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