Find Long Tail Keywords

Today, the game of SEO is very difficult, you can't get the rank one for any keyword easily, but you can get the rank 1 for a long tail keyword more easily.

Long tail keyword is the search term of 3 to 7 words like "Play Golf Better Than before". This search term is a less competitive keywords and get some searches by Google. So, when you write an article with this title page "Play Golf Better Than before" and submit this article to an authority website, you will be very near from getting the rank one for that keyword.

So to get the rank one for your coming articles, you should find a long tail keyword, write a unique article and submit it to a good website "It may be your own website".

This is the plan to find a good long tail keyword:

1- Go to The Wordtracker keyword search tool at:
2- Type your main keyword.
3- You will generate many keywords related to the main topic, choose and click on a sub keyword.
4- Now, there are many long tail keywords, choose one at the end of the list "WHY" because it will be a less competitive keyword and you will get the first rank easily.

After finding the keywords, submit articles for every keyword to your site or to any other authority websites like EzineArticles.com