High Quality Article Criteria

The criteria of high quality article can be summarized as following.

1- Make it informative: Even if you want to advertise your website or a product, try to make your article informative to the readers, try to give some tips to the readers. When the readers read you article and get some benefits, they will be more willing to visit your website from the link in the resource area.

2- Make it unique: Don't publish your article on more than one place. if you're submit articles to article directories, don't submit the single article to more than one article directory. Search engine likes the unique article directories and index them fast and in the good way.

3- make it word rich: Try to make it at least 200 words, some article directories limit the article to 250 words, other limit it to 400words. If you write for your own website of blog, make it at least 200 words.

4- Target long tail keyword: To get the first ranks in Google fast, you should target the long tail keywords, they are less competitive and will be indexed and ranked well in search engines. Read More about long tail keywords.

5- Make it easy to understand: Don't use complicated words, use simple expression to send you ideas easily to the all readers.

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