iPad 2 Cost

Hi all my visitors, it's a long time to write again here on OGB blog. In this post I'll tell you about the iPad 2 cost. what is exactly the price of iPad 2 and from where you can buy it online safely. Read this post to get these two important information right now.

First, you should know that ipad 2 is better than ipad 1 in many points. Regarding to the hardware and the processor, it's more faster and reliable. Regarding to the weight, it's more lighter and thinner than the old version. Regarding to the camera, it exists in the new version.

Now for the iPad 2 price, the price of ipad 2 with 16GB storage space will cost you $499. The version with 32GB storage space will be $599. The biggest storage model is iPad 2 with 64 GB built in memory and this model will cost you $699.

It's higher than the old version by only $100 and this will be a cheap price comparing to the new features that have been added. So, iPad 2 cost wouldn't be that huge deal as you'd have the best tablet by Apple to enjoy a unique digital experience.

You should upgrade to iPad 2 for many reasons, in addition to the new shape and the lighter weight, you'll also be enjoying a nice camera. The absence of camera in the old version was a very bad issue for all ipad 1 users and they have solved this problem with the second version.

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