1and1 webhosting - 3 free months

It is the time to convert to the best ever web hosting company, 1and1 has a great offer for a limited time. You can order your hosting plan today and take advantage of 3 months for free, this will save you big money. Just visit the link at the end of the post to grab this unique offer through OGB blog.

Before I give you a link for that amazing offer, i want to tell you first about the 1and1 web hosting services to know the difference. 1and1 is the most powerful and flexible web hosting company in the world for many reasons. you'll discover all of them after joining but I'll give you a brief description for the service.

It hosts multiple domains and sites, there is no need to buy extra hosting plan for every extra website, all websites and domains can be hosted in only one plan. You can build a forum, wordpress and tens of other content management scripts by clicking a single button.

There are also many other advantages like 24/7 fast online support, sub domains, email manager, .htaccess support, your site will be live all over the year and forever. Automatic renewing option and the ability of upgrading in any time.

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