Build Your Own Solar Heater

Very good, your are very near from saving very much money. You're very near from reducing your power bill by at least %30 after building your own solar water heater. Actually, just build your own solar heater that can be done in very short time.

But I have no any experience on building such systems. Don't worry, according to my personal experience, the building of solar water heater is pretty easy and anyone can do it as little as the weekend. All you need to make a solar heater is an easy to follow instruction guide.

How much money I'll save after building my own solar water heater? At least, you'll reduce the electricity bill by %30. As you know, the electrical heaters are the most electricity consuming devices at our home, stopping these devices will dramatically save electricity and save money.

How much does it cost to build my own solar heater? Good news, with only $70 you can build system right today. I want to tell you that buying a similar system will cost you about $1000, but with the help a step by step guide you can build it with only $70.

Can I build more units for me or for my friends? After building your own solar heater, it will be so easy to repeat the process to build the same system for yourself or for your friends. You may even build the same system for your neighbors for more income.

Build you own solar heater now, easy step-by-step guides: