Homemade Solar Heaters - Do It Now

Don't pay hundreds of dollars every month for the electricity bill, easily reduce your power bill by %35 by using a homemade solar heater which can be made manually in minutes. It is easy to be installed but it is very effective way to reduce your power bill. Homemade solar heaters are the most effective ways to use the free energy to save money and help the planet. Yes, you'll use one of the cleanest energy resources in our world.

Electrical heaters are one of the top electricity consuming at your home, stop this electrical device will help to reduce the whole electricity bill. Of course I don't want to stop the electrical heater and use only the cold water, no I want to convert your water heater to be a solar water heater.

Using solar as a green energy alternative is the perfect step for our environment. Solar is a green energy resources that can be used widely in all places even the cloudy countries. It is also a free energy and can't be depleted.

I also don't want you to buy a ready solar heater as it will cost you about $1000, instead of that you can build it yourself in some minutes. Stop losing your money, reduce up to %35 from the electricity bill today.

By: http://www.howtomakesolarpanel.org/