Earn Money Writing Short Articles

Bad news, TipCatch is not live now, they will install their service within about 2 month.

Coming soon, my biggest offer will earn you money as never before. With both Adsense program and affiliate marketing you will make a very good amount of money as an extra income. It is called Tip Catch and located at TipCatch.com.

Tip Catch is an informational resource which will include thousands of tips on all fields. You're always welcome to submit your own tips about everything. If you have even a single tip don't be hesitated to share it with others.

The tips must be minimum 150 words, try to make it small and focusing on the point. Internet users need helpful fast tips all the time. You can submit unlimited number of tips and the membership is free.

We will ad Adsense ads in our website, the good news is you will grab %75 of Adsense revenue generated form your tips. You don't need any websites to earn money, you can use your own author page that includes your pages of your tips as your own website as you can link to it, advertise it and share it with your friends.

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