Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Solar power is one of the top energy alternative in our planet, it is very important these days as a good energy alternative for our power needs. The using of solar energy for power is growing fast and going to be used more widely in the coming few years. So, I have to post about the advantages and disadvantages of solar power to tell you more important information about this vital energy resource.

There are many advantages for solar energy. It is free, yes you don't have to pay any cent to use the solar energy to power anything. Actually, you can save $1000 when you convert your home to be solar powered. it is a very good solution for the high electricity bill.

It is a renewable energy resource. Otherwise other traditional energy resources like oil and gas which going to be depleted, you can use the solar energy as long as our planet is alive. this energy resource can't be depleted.

Easy to use, you just need a small solar panel system to convert the the solar energy to electricity. We can also power cars, boats, charge batteries, heaters, any electrical device and even planes with that solar energy.

The disadvantages of solar power are very small compared to its advantages. it will be more difficult to generate electricity from the solar in cloudy areas, buy even this disadvantage can be solved by some solar systems. ready solar panel systems are something expensive so I advice you to build your own solar panel to power your home.

Build your solar power to save money and environment, step by step instruction guide: http://www.howtomakesolarpanel.org/