How to Write a New Article

If you have a blog or a website, you need to add fresh content to your websites at least every week to keep your website in a good position in search engines. All search engines included Google love fresh content and crawl websites with regularly updated content faster.

The main problem with any webmaster is the new ideas of the new articles, you want to add anew article but you have finished all your ideas in the old articles. You don't have the time to research on the web for new information, don't worry I'll tell you a solution.

When you want to write a new article go to en.Wikipedia.org, type the keyword of your topic at the write search box. You will see hundreds of results just take a look at the first result. Now, Wikipedia allows to tape parts from their content to add them in your website. What you should do is rewriting the information you find in Wikipedia to be in your words.

This way will give you hundreds of new ideas and information about any topic, there are many other wiki on the web but the best and the biggest one is Wikipedia. I always go there when I want to write a new article.

There are another good tools like Instant Article Wizard, this tool will reduce the time of searching the Wikipedia and will generate all information about any topic automatically in seconds, you can use it if you want to save some times.

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