How to Create my Own Solar Cell

If you want to reduce your electricity bill by %100, you have to create your own solar cell to generate free electricity for your home. Solar panels are using widely these days as a result from the depletion of energy and growing prices of the traditional energy resources. If you're asking yourself "how to create my own solar cell" just continue reading this post and you can build your own solar cell right today.

Building solar cells at home is not difficult, you can install more than one unite during your weekend using cheap tools available at the nearest hardware store from you. It will cost you about $150 to $200 to install a small portable solar panel.

These sums of $150 or $200 are very small amount when you save $1000s every year using this free energy resource. In addition, you will save your planet as a result from using a green energy resources like solar energy.

What I will give to you is a complete guide to install your first solar panel, it is used by thousands of non professional persons like you and made very good results. They could easily eliminate their power bill after few days.

Install your own solar cell today, detailed instruction guide: