How to Convert Your Blogspot to a Domain

If you have a blog at Blogger.com, it will be in the following form:
yourBlogname.BlogSpot.com. You may need more professional URL like www.Domain.com. Fortunately, Blogger allows you to host your free blog with your own domain name, you can buy a domain through Blogger or you can purchase a domain from any place and point it to your Blogger account.

1- Create a blog at Blogger.com.
2- From the Dashboard go to "Settings >> Publishing >> Costume Domain".
3- If you don't have a domain you can buy it through your account, if you have a domain just switch to advanced settings.
4- Add your domain name.
5- Go to your domain provider and change the CNAME records to be pointed to ghs.google.com.
6- Allow your domain provider 24 hours to see your blog hosted in your domain.

Important Notice:
Every domain provider has its unique method of change the CNAME records so it's better to ask the support team about this issue.

Your domain DNS must belong to your domain service.

For more information about the installation process, visit: