Cheap Apple Macbook

It is a world of high technology in a single piece, this laptop is always perfect for anything you want to do. Apple MacBook MB403LL is one of the best models by Apple these days and it will be one of the best for a long time.

What about features? I can't tell you all features of that Mackbook but I will briefly tell you the main features of that Mackbook. There are hundreds of features but I will write on only some of those features.

Built-in stereo speakers, with them you can enjoy your music with a very clear vice wherever you go. Mini-DVI port for video output will make a connection between you laptop and other video players. Digital audio input for other audio players. it can be combined with any digital audio and video devices.

It comes with two ports of USB 2.0 and 400 ports in one FireWire. full size and function keyboard. All recording functions are included to record all your favorite songs. You can download files form your Iphone directly to this Macbook.

The built in iSight camera allows you to record short clips in a high quality, with iweb you can make a video blog post directly. It is not just a small electronic device, it a new world of a smart technology.

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