Blogger and Wordpress - Which is Better

According to my experience, I think using Blogger as blogging system is better than WordPress platform even if you want to use a paid web hosting to host your WrodPress blog. Blogger always the best for me.

Blogger is better for many reasons, the first reason is the easy of use. If you want to build a personal blog or a big business blog, you can use Blogger system to create a very professional blog in minutes. Including great features, you can easily create your blog and start posting about everything.

Google loves Blogger and its sub domains at BlogSpot.com. It is enough for you to create a blog with a sub domain under the great BlogSpot.com URL which makes it very easy to find your posts at the first results at Google.

Blogger allows you to add pictures, external links, feed subscription, video bar, news reel, HTML elements and more. it is also give you the opportunity to monetize your blog using Google Adsense program.

The other good thing with Blogger is the cost, it will cost you nothing otherwise the WordPress blog which you must use a paid web hosting to build it. If you want to use the free WordPress system located in WordPress.org, you will lose many features like adding your Adsense codes.

I like Blogger and I recommend all of you to use that service for any coming web site ideas. Create a free Blogger blog now, go to:

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