80w Solar Panel For Home - DIY

Very sharp and high technology solar panel kit that can produce 80 watt with 4.67 amps. This solar kit can produce electricity in a good way to save money at your home. It also will be ideal for boats, pumps and more. The good news here is you can build your own 80w solar panel for home by using the detailed instruction guide at the end of this article.

This product is the best energy alternative solution, you can use more than one unit to produce more amount of electricity. Don't worry, this kit can be connected to more other solar kits. It will come with a normal male DC plug to feed your electrical devices with free energy.

Save your money and your environment, solar energy is one of the best energy resources in our plane. It is clean, cheap and renewable and you will be able to generate electricity for free all the time.

But instead of buying an expensive solar power system, I'd recommend installing it manually at your home. It is very easy to be built and you don't have to pay more than only $100 to build a single unite.

Build your own 80w solar panel for home, easy to follow detailed guide: