5 Domain Affordable Web Hosting

Do you want to host up to 5 domains/websites in one hosting account, so you need an affordable multiple domain hosting account to host all of those. I recommend you HostGate.org as one of the best multiple domain hosting service on the web.

With the corporate plan that provided by HostGate.org, you can host up to 30 domains in a single account. Not only 30 domains, you can also host up to 300 sub domain. That equal 330 complete website if you have the time to install them.

Actually, any webmaster that has a big online business doesn't need anything else after purchasing the corporate plan in HostGate.org. In addition, you will get some great features like automatic PHP scripts "If you want to install forum or a blog", mailing lists, FTP accounts, 24/7 customer support including phone support.

All you need now is going to HostGate.org to register an account and purchase the corporate plan. I forgot to tell you that you have a 30 days money back guarantee without any questions. No risk at all.

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