Top 5 Article Directories

Every time I finish an article to promote my blogs/websites, I ask myself where to publish this article to get the best traffic and back links. After years of publishing articles in free article directories, I can now list the top 5 article directories that you should submit your articles only to them.

1- Ezine Articles: The most famous article directory, I know many webmasters that depend on only that article directory to get traffic and increase their sells. Google search engine loves this article directory and when you write an article with a less competitive keyword title, you can easily see it at the first place on Google.

2- OGB Reviews: It this blog that you're reading, I accept all your articles to be published here and I think that you don't need to any article directory other than this blog to publish all your articles for high quality traffic. As I explain Ezine Articles, you just need to target a long tail and less competitive keyword to find your article at the first result in Google and other search engines, and with small back link to your website you can receive very targeted traffic from OGB blog.

3- Buzzle: Good article directory, it is one of the authority websites on the web. You can get high quality traffic from that article directory every time you publish an article. It also give you high quality back link to your website/blog.

4- Search Warp: It is high quality article directory that can give you some targeted traffic by submitting articles to it. You can also make money directly from your article's page views.

5- Hub Pages: One of the best article diretory that can give you money through Adsense revenue sharing program where you can get %50 from their Adsense earnings. It is easy to use and automatically accept your articles.

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