Lean Six Sigma

Green belt six sigma is a data driven approach to quality control. Six Sigma first started with General Electric and Motorola corporations. They successfully pioneered this method of quality control to save millions in waste and errors within there processes.

The Green belt level of six sigma is the beginners level and for those just starting to learn about the Six Sigma Process. The process you must use to implement the six sigma uses statistics to find errors or strays away from the control or the quality standard of the process.

Six Sigma process is based on producing no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities for error to occur. The main tool used for implementing six sigma is Minitab. Minitab allows Green Belt Six Sigma professionals to simply input the data obtained from the process and run it though the system.

Minitab will then export charts or data into a format that you can use to see which aspects of your business are out of line with the base of your project or where you need to be. The process of six sigma uses the model define, measure, analyze, improve and control. It is based on the theory of continuous improvement to get to our desired quality results or Six Sigma. Six Sigma can save so much for companies by identifying where in their processes they are wasting money unnecessarily so they can improve that process.

Six sigma works in every industry because when you produce a product or service and the costs associated with producing it, you may be spending time or money in areas that may not be converting to assets for the business. These areas can drain money from the organization and they can be extremely hard to detect. Through statistical analysis you as a green belt level six sigma professional can improve the quality of your process.