How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to earn money form the internet. You join an affiliate program, you add a link in your blog or website, you send visitors to the selling page of the product and when on of those visitors buy the product you will get paid a commission.

This way of making money is depending on visitors, when you can send targeted visitors to the landing page of the product you're promoting, you will increase the conversion rate as well as the earnings. So, you job is sending targeted traffic through your affiliate link.

I have three ideas to send those targeted traffic, the first idea is creating a blog to describe the product, then you should add your affiliate link at the end of every post in that blog. You need some marketing steps for that new blog, you can do it by submitting articles to free article directories, using PPC advertising programs like Google Adwords, post in related forums "Add a link to your blog at the signature area".

The second idea is to create a one page website to describe and review the product, then you can get targeted traffic by writing articles and publishing them in authority websites, you can publish as many articles as you want in Ezine Articles and OGB Reviews. Don't forget to add a link to your one page website at the end of every article.

The third and the last idea is to use Squeeze system where you can build a huge mailing list then you can send them Emails promoting different products and services regularly. This technique make some entrepreneurs $5000 per month promoting 2-3 products.

Make money online now, step by step program reviews: