How to Make an Electric Car

Do you want to reduce your gas bill by %100? Are you suffering from the growing prices of gas? It is your chance to convert your current gas car into electric car and save thousands every year. You would also save our environment using this clean energy.

Electricity would be the main oil alternative for cars and other transport tools, the whole world are converting their researches to find new clean energy alternatives and the electricity is one of the best energies that wouldn't cost much money.

Converting your cat into electric car is not difficult, you can do it in few hours. You just need a complete guide that can teach you step by step how to find the required tools and how to install your own kit to power your car by electricity instead of oil and gas.

I strongly recommend the Electricity4Gas guide that has full information and diagrams to build your own electric car. You will not build a complete car but you can convert your current car to be a high technology electric car. By this way, you will save $10s every day. Use this money for something other than the fuel.

Today, most car manufacturers are producing small electric car. In the following 10 years, all cars would be powered by electricity and you will need only a rechargeable battery and you can recharge that battery every 100 to 150 miles or more. it is the future of car and you can join this world today by converting your car into electric.