Free Effective Asthma Tips

I have Asthma for 25 years and I had huge experiences with that disease, I can give you some important tips to live a good life with Asthma. Asthma can be a very weak disease if we could deal with it in the right way.

Lose your extra weight: Yes you must lose your extra weight to large the amount of oxygen you get through the breathing. The slim body will hide the Asthma symptoms by at least %80.

Do sport: Sport will give you the slim body as well as a good breathing. Sports will also help your body to burn any extra fats. Yoga is one of the best sports for Asthma because it can organize the breathing very well.

Avoid smoking: Not only you mustn't smoke any type of Tobacco, but you must also avoid any smoke sources from any body or any place. Always get a fresh air and spend sometimes in gardens and parks.

Don't live with pets: Pets like dogs, cats and birds will hurt your lungs and will increase you allergy symptoms. Don't stay with those pets, if you want some beautiful animals at your home, you can get ornamental fish. Consult your doctor for more tips and information on the new treatment options.