Chrome Browser Review

Chrome is a new browser from Google, it is in beta now and I think it will be the best browser in the world after some time. I like everything and every tool produced by Google. They always want to add more helpful tools for internet users.

Generally, it looks clean and fast. it has all important tools like Bookmarking, Pop up ads stopping, flash playing, sound and media edits and more. I will update this post every time I found a new feature with Chrome browser.

Try Chrome Browser now

The first thing that should be in your mind that the other browsers may improve their technology to hide Google Adsense ads and other similar programs and this will lead to losing a good source of income for webmasters. But when the Chrome browser came more popular and used by the most number of internet users, there are not fearing of losing this income resources because Google will not hide their ads generated by their advertising programs like Adsense and Adwords. I think that is one the most important reasons for Google to make this decision of producing this software.