Canon SD1000 Digital Camera Review

This amazing digital camera combines the affordable price and the high technology features in the same device. With 1.7 mega pixel and 3x zoom, this camera will be great for every place and for any occasion. It will be also a very good gift for your lover at his/her birthday.

There are very smart functions with this model, something like face detection technology that will help you to capture the best quality photos in very short time. There is also a technology called Red-Eye removing which gets persons in photos with clean eyes.

There is a high resolution LCD to watch your work before recording, the resolution is perfect to watch your photos and videos before the saving process and to decide if the photo is good or you have to recapture it. It is one of my favorite digital cameras because the high technology and the ease of using.

There are many cool colors with that model but I prefer the silver and the black color. I can easily take it in trips, travels, trains, museums, stadiums, clubs and more. This is the only digital camera for all your special moment recording needs.