Namecheap Review

First, I want to say that I'm still using Namecheap for all of my domains. It really help me in all my online businesses. It is a good domain register and it also give some affordable and professional hosting plans.

Name: Name Cheap
URL: www.namecheap.com
Services: Domain register and web hosting.
Rating: 9/10

The domain registering with this website is very easy, you can pay using PayPal, Credit cards and more. The options are good, you can forward, mask or park your domain. You can also push your domain to another namecheap member for selling. You can also offer your domain for sell through the namecheap website.

You can refund your account for any coming payments, and you can withdraw your funds after selling your domains.

Thew are always online, the DNS changes take place in minutes also.

Supporting Team:
The supporting team answer any question in minutes.

I think the price is affordable, the .com domains start from $9.29 per year. The web hosting plans start from $1 per month.

Space of web hosting plan:
According to your needs, you can use a web hosting plan with 2000MB and up to 200GB storage space, they are offering many options for everyone

The transfer processes and connections are very fast.

Bandwidth storage:
Ir is also reliable and will suite all your needs, the bandwidth space start from 250GB to 2000GB

I like the variety of their options, I like their supporting team and I always enjoying their services specially domain registration service. I remember now, I buy a domain name for $2.95 through a limited special offer.

Bad things:
The domain registration services are more professional the the web hosting services.

My opinion:
I really recommend Namecheap for webmasters.

By:  http://www.howtomakesolarpanel.org/