Michael Phelps - New World Records in Beijing

With 14 Olympic gold medals, Michael Phelps "The American Swimmer" has recorded a new and an amazing world record as the player who won the most gold medals by a single player in all Olympics. He also make another world record, he is the most gold medals at single Olympic game "Beijing".

Michael Phelps becomes the greatest athlete in all the Olympic game history, it is very difficult to any one to broke his records. The fourteen gold Olympic medals has won as the following, 6 medals at Athena, and 8 at Beijing.

congratulations for all Americans, Michael rearranged the rank and gave his country a good position. I think he will be a good trainer also for boys and girls who want to learn swimming.

Personally, I like swimming but unfortunately I live very far from USA an I can't see Michael to get some helpful advises from him. Anyway, I still enjoy watching Michael breaking world records everyday in Beijing.