How to Write a Good Article

In this post, I will give you some tips on writing a high quality article for your website, blog and article directories.

1- Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes: Try to write correctly and avoid small mistakes, you want to be seen professional by your readers. You can test your article before submitting to your website or to the article directory in Word document, it can detect any errors in the spelling and grammar and it also give your the corrections.

2- Give something helpful to your readers: Don't write in the advertising form, try to give something to your readers. They want to solve their problems and they wait for your good suggestions that can be applied.

3- write at least 200 words article: If you want to make it rich and informative, you should write at least 200 words article to describe the full idea.

4- Submit your article to an authority website: If your website or blog is authority and is indexed and crawled in search engines for a long time, you can submit your article to your blog or website. But if your website or blog is new, you should submit your article to any authority article directory like ezinearticle.com.

5- Target less competitive keywords: You need to target a less completive keyword instead of high competitive short keywords, focus on long tail keywords that consists of from 3 to 6 words and add that phrase in the title.

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