How to Make a Sitemap for Blogger

To help Google to index all your web pages in your blog, you should add sitemaps for your blogger blogs. To do that, just follow the following instructions.

1- Verify your blog: From your Google account go to

- Webmaster Tools >> Add Site, type your blog URL in the "add site field". Then, you can verify it by choosing "Verify" button at the top. Choose "Meta Tag" option and add that meta tag to your blog template after the "Head" tag.

2- Add a sitemap: From your account, Choose "Sitemaps" and add a sitemap in this form:


"If you wrote less than 100 posts"

This is the atom feed of your blog, it was created automatically and every new post will be added automatically. Google crawl that sitemap everyday, so you don't need to submit the same sitemap again. You just need to submit new sitemap for the next 100 posts as following.

Add another sitemap in this form:


"If you wrote more than 100 posts"

and add a third sitemap in this form:


"If you wrote more than 200 posts"

3- Wait for some hours: You should wait for some hours before Google accept the sitemaps.

Thanks to: Blogger Templates