How to Convert BlogSpot to Article Directory

Here in OGB, I provide our visitors a great service to publish there articles on my blog with a link to their sites. I give this service to my visitors because I want to help them to receive high targeted traffic from my blog.

As I have tested my blog, when I write an article targeting a less competitive long tail keyword, I get the first rank in Google in 10 minutes after the submitting process. And to share this good chance with others, I accept to publish their articles to send them some high targeted traffic.

So, I convert this blog to be an article directory, I created a special Email to receive articles through it. I also created posts for author names to add their article's summaries in it. By this way, I have converted my simple blog to be a very good article directory.

If you want to share visitors with me, just submit an article and you will see it in the first results in Google in few minutes.