How to Build an Online Business Blog

These are the steps to build a blog for online business to make some money online. They are very easy steps and really can work.

1- Go to Blogger.com.
2- Sign up for Google account.
3- Choose the Blogger function.
4- Choose the name and the title, try to make it short.
5- Start posting some articles.
6- Go to ClickBank.com.
7- Register for a free account and choose a digital product to promote, try to choose the a high commission affiliate program.
8- Write some articles about the product or the service you're promoting.
9- Create a landing page post, try to make it like a story and don't forget to add your affiliate link at the end of the story.
11- Write some unique articles with titles of long tail keywords.
12- Submit them to OGB reviews to receive high targeted traffic to the landing post.
13- Start making money from that strategy.
14- Repeat all of above steps again with a new blog and a new product.

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