Earn Extra Money from Home

This is the best strategy to earn some extra money from home today and not tomorrow.

1- Join an Affiliate program: First you need to join an affiliate program, if you want to know what the affiliate program is, it is a program by online merchants that give you a unique link to their products and when the visitor that go there from your link buy a something, you ill earn a commission.

You should find an affiliate program with a high commission say 50% of the price. You should also find a product that you know some information a bout it to be able to write unique articles to promote it. Google for "Topic Affiliate Program" change "Topic" word to your favorite topic.

2- Create a landing page: Join www.BlogSpot.com and create a free blog describing the product you're promoting. Make it informative and try to solve something when the visitor buy the product. Add your affiliate link through the page.

3- Find long tail keywords: Now, you need some keywords that are related to the product you're promoting, the best place to do that is the Free Wordtracker tool. Type the main keyword and try to pick a less competitive and long tail keywords. Pick about 10 keywords.

4- Write article: Now, write ten articles with titles of those ten keywords you have picked before. Make the articles informative and avoid the advertising form. Try to avoid spelling and grammar errors.

5- Add a link to the landing page: At the end of the article, add a small paragraph to call the readers to visit your landing page, and of course you must add a link to your landing page.

6- Submit the articles to good website: To get your articles at the first place in Google, you must submit them to a strong website, I recommend you to submit your articles here in OGB, you fill get the rank one after minutes for every keyword your are targeting.

Make money online now, step by step program reviews: