Best Tips for Blogging

Here are some of my best tips for good blogging.

1- Post everyday: Google and other search engines love updatable blogs. Adding fresh content every day is the best way to deal with search engines. it is also the main SEO strategy for blogs.

2- Target long tail keywords: When you write articles, try to target long tail keywords because they will be indexed and ranked well in search engines. Don't target 2 words titles, make it from 3 to 5 words titles.

3- Publish articles from your readers: To increase your blog content, try to accept posts from your visitors and in returns allow them to add links to their website. They want to advertise their websites and you need to increase your blog content, it is a good example of benefits exchanging.

4- Let them subscribe to your feed: Try to get visitors again, let them to know about your coming posts. You can let them to receive your new posts by allowing them to subscribe to your feed. Add a link to your feed in the sidebar or any visible place, FeedBurner.com is a good tool for that issue.

5- Post in forums: Try to post in forums that are related to your topic, readers of the forums will see your blog's link in your signature and your will receive more targeted traffic.

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