The Best Article Directory in the World

What is the best article directory in the world. I will answer this question today in this article.

The advantages of the best article directory must include the following:

1- The authorization: It must be an authority website to be sure that all your articles will indexed fast in search engines and also ranked well.

2- Page Rank: It is fact that page rank becomes less important today, but it still gives the website more power and you may choose the article directory of high page rank to submit your articles to it.

3- Accepts your articles quickly: Don't wait for one week to see your article online, pick the one with fast acceptance. One day would be good.

4- Hard to accept: There are some article directories with very hard restrictions, you want to write everyday and you want to submit your article and forget it to find times for the following article. So, find the article directory that accepts all your articles and shows some flexibilities.

5- Accept only unique articles: The article directory that accept only unique articles and doesn't allow you to submit the same article to other directories and websites would be better. Duplicate content is critical issue nowadays and to avoid any penalties, you must submit the single article to only one article directory.

6- Good support team: You may need some helps in submission process, the article directory with a good support team would be a good one.

After all, what are the best article directories on the web today?

A- OGB Reviews: This blog accepts your articles and you will see them in the first results quickly. You can submit as many articles as you wish.

B- Ezine Articles: The most famous article directory on the web, when you write a quality article targeting a long tail keyword you will easily get the rank one in Google.

C- Buzzle: One of the best article directories on the web, you will get a very good link back to your website. They accepts any number of articles.