Affiliate Marketing Secret

My secret of affiliate marketing is yours, follow this secret to make your living income promoting other's products. Affiliate marketing is the best way for your online business strategies and here is my best secret.

The secret is:

Write a review article about the product, make a title from a long tail related keyword, create a landing page, add a link to that landing page, submit the article to an authority website and repeat all of these things again.


Writing articles about products and service you're promoting is the most effective way to increase the sells. When you write a good article giving some helpful tips to the readers, those readers will be more than willing to visit your site and will be also in the way of buying your product.

The problem with writing article is reaching those people who want to buy your product. As you know, getting the first place in Google for a particular search term is very difficult and creating a new website to promote your product is not a good idea.

You need tens of good back links and you need much time to see your website in the first results in Google. Instead of creating a new website, submit articles to established and authority website will shorten the distance to the SEO success.

By submitting your articles to an authority website, you assure that your article will be indexed by Google fast and in the good way, it will be at the first result and you will receive some very targeted traffic to your landing page.

But there are some important tips to get the complete success from this strategy:

1- Write your article in a proper spelling and grammar English.
2- Find related long tail keywords and add them to the titles of your article, long tail keywords are easier to be in the first places. Read more about finding long tail keywords.
3- Authority sites where you can submit your article:
Ezine Articles, OGB Reviews, Buzzle
4- Add a link to your landing page at the end of the article, don't use direct affiliate links as landing pages converting better.
5- Repeat this strategy more and more and more, for the single product or for other products.

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