Advertise your Website for Free

Here in OGB, you can advertise your website for free. It works as following, you submit an article to give our readers some helpful information, you target a good keyword in the title of the article, you add a link to your website at the end of the article, I publish this article on strong OGB blog, you will see your article at the first result in Google and you will receive some very targeted traffic to your website. And the best thing, all for free.

To make a good advertising to your website:

1- Write a unique article: Don't publish the same content on any other websites.
2- Target long tail keyword: It is a less competitive form of keywords.
3- Write at least 200 words: It must be informative and rich.
4- No affiliate links: Don't use direct affiliate links, you may use landing page with your affiliate link.

Are you ready, advertise your website now. Feel free to submit as many articles as you wish.