Adsense Templates for Blogspot

Welcome to OGB blog. Today, I come with a good free gift for you, it is an optimized template for your blogspot blog that has the tow columns and places for advertising like using Google Adsense ads.

Green Adsense Optimized Kubrick

Clean and nice template with green color, you can add you advertising codes at the left columns and/or at the top of the blog. It unique and will increase your Adsnese earnings.

Black Adsense Optimized Kubrick

Just like the above design but with a black color. The black design always give your blog some high value your visitors will see you as a professional blogger and designer. It is perfect.

How to install those templates:

1- Save your current template to backup it if you made any mistakes during installing the new templates. To save you current template go to: Layout >> Edit HTML >> Download Full Template.

2- Now you can upload my professional template, you have to unzip the folder first then browse and upload the template from the place that you've downloaded the file.

3- Save, Change the elements and don't remove our link in the footer, happy blogging.