Abstract Mesothelioma Treatment

The treatment options for mesothelioma cancer can be abstracted to main three methods. These three methods are the surgery option, the chemotherapy option and the radiotherapy option.

In the surgery option, the doctors will remove the tumors located in the lungs and other surrounded tissues. In some case, doctors may have to remove the whole lung if the tumor is spread in the all parts in the single lung.

The radiotherapy option is one of the most effective method to treat mesothelioma cancer. In the radiotherapy option, doctors will use some special radiations that have the ability to destroy cancer cells.

The radiotherapy is a good method but it may be not enough as a single treatment, it will be good when used as an assistant treatment after the surgery and chemotherapy options.

The chemotherapy is also a good way of treatment, in this case the doctors will use some special drugs that can move throughout the circular system to arrive to the affected areas and kill the cancer cells.

For most cases, the surgery option is the most used way of treatment, but doctors can use chemotherapy and radiotherapy as assistant treatments to create an effective strategy.