5 Ways for Teens to Earn Cash

These are the top 5 methods for teens to make money online, try to do the all five methods or at least focus on one method.

1- Blogging: Blogging is the easiest way to own a website with all functions you need for free, you can go to Blogger.com to create a blog in minutes. You can write as many posts as you wish and to be sure that your blog will indexed well in search engines you should write regularly about the topic of your interest.

You should first choose your topic that you have some knowledge about it or even you want to know more about it. After some times, you will be expert in that topic and readers of your blog will visit you again. After posting about 10 articles, you can monetize your blog using Google Adsense and Affiliate program "I suggest ClickBank.com".

2- Write Ebooks: If you have some information about some thing, you can write your Ebook describing that thing to the others, you can write small Ebooks and sell them using a single landing page. You can use the free service by Blogger.com to create the landing page to explain how your Ebook will solve the problem for your readers. You can accept payments through PayPal.com, AlertPay.com and ClickBank.com.

3- Write Articles: Another grate way to make good money online, you can submit your articles to article directories that share their Adsense revenue with their authors. Personally, I'm submitting to HowToDoThing.com, they give me 50% of their Adsense profits and I could make about 2$ per day from 6 "How To" articles.

You can also write article promoting your own product or other's product for some affiliate commission. Here in OGB blog, I accept article publishing and I give you some great tips on how to target long tail and less competitive keywords to get the rank one and receive very high quality traffic to your landing page. Submit your articles to OGB now.

Again, you need a landing page to give some information about your own product or other's products.

4- Selling Designs: If you have some experiences on designing web site templates, you can make good money selling those templates to other webmasters. You can use Photoshop and Dreamweaver to design professional templates and sell them in the market place section in SitePoint.com forums.

5- Selling Complete Websites: You can buy a domain name and build small website that includes about 10 webpages and sell it in high price. There are many lazy webmasters that need a ready to use, complete websites and you can solve their problems and install websites for them. You can also use the market place in Sitepoint.com forums and Digital Point forums.

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