Online Games Business

The business of online games is a unique and a great opportunity to make good income online, the idea is you can get a personal online games web site and you can promote it to get a good commission from the purchased products.

The website that I will talk about is Big Fish Games, this website will provide you with a unique online games website to promote and to share it with your friends, and when they purchase and play a game, you will get paid.

Steps to join this business:

1- Go to Big Fish Games and create an account.
2- Go to "My Games Space" section.

3- Edit and choose the best of online games to add them in your personal games website.
4- Get the links and promote your games website. As I said before, you will earn money when a friend or an internet user purchase and play a game through your games website.

How to promote your games website:

1- Add it in your blog.
2- tell your friends or Email them.
3- Use pay per click advertising like Google Adwords.
4- Invite your friends to be your affiliates, you will earn from their activities and their friends activities.

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