How to Create a Blogger Blog

Blogger blogs are so simple way to own a website, you can create a blog in tow minutes and you can start posting your ideas and tips instantly. It is no need of any web designing skills.

Owning a free blog is so easy now, you don't need any designing skills to create a blog or a personal website. The free service of Blogger.com will provide you with the easiest way of owning and creating a simple website to share your information and ideas with others. Just follow these simple steps to own a website in tow minutes.

Create a Google Account: You need to install an account with Google, this account will help you as a webmaster to optimize your websites to receive more visitors and to achieve more success. Click here to install your Google account. After creating your Google account, you can create a blog.

Install a blog from your Google account: After installing your Google account, you will be provided with many services by Google, one of these services is creating a blog. You can create more than one blog. From your Google account, please select Blogger.

Choose the URL and the title of the blog: Click on "Create a Blog" and choose your favorite name and URL. Try to make the title and the URL short and make them say what you want to say. Anyway, the URL should include the main targeted keywords to be sure that your blog will come in the first results of search engines.

Start posting: After you finish the installation process, you can post simple articles every day. Share your ideas and your tips with friends and other internet users. You should write on what you like. When you write on something that you have good knowledge about it, you will always enjoy when you write a new post.

Optimize your blog for search engines: To receive good traffic, you should optimize your blog for search engines; you know that the best type of traffic is the organic traffic from search engines. The first tip to optimize your blog is writing continuously, search engines like fresh content. I mean you should write at least every week. The second tip is increase the links to your blog, you can do that by exchanging links with other blogger or by submit articles to article directories. You can also get more links by sending a message to other blogger requesting a link to your blogger in return you may offer something free like an article or any other gift. The third tip is to be patient.

Monetize you blog: You can also make an income from your blog, services like Google Adsense and AdBrite will be good choices to make some money from pay per click marketing. Another opportunity in the affiliate marketing where you can add links to specific products or service and get a commission after the visitor buy this product or service, you can try one of these affiliate networks "Amazon" "Commission Junction" and "Link Connector".