Wordpress Applications

In this post I will show you how to use the Wordpress blogging system in many applications and content management websites.

1- As a Blog: Wordpress system is the best blogging system if you want to share your stories in the easy way, your personal or your big blog would be better with Wordpress platform system in your own web hosting.

2- As online store: This idea was the most successful application for me, I have installed a wordpress blog and I submit posts about products reviews. It will be a good online store. See mine at elhusseiny's stores.

3- As article directory: With the option of author sharing, you can allow others to post on your woirdpress blog as authors, you can provide them with a free links to their sites. There are plugins for wordpress that allow you to convert your normal wordpress blog to a professional article directory. See it here

4- As normal website "not a blog": Wordpress system can be in the form of normal website using the functions of creating web pages. In this case, you can create a home page then you can create many pages and link to them from the sidebar.

5- As a video website: You can insert as many videos as you want form YouTube video site. By using wordpress and YouTube, you can own a large niche video website.

Resources: Purchase web hosting with automatically wordpress installation.