Big Fish Affiliate Program

Big Fish Affiliate Program

One of the most successful internet business plan, you will promote the thing that everyone is already doing all the time; you will promote the casual online games. Hope I clear something valuable for you.

Full instructions to use this great affiliate program.

1. Go to Big Fish Games site and sign up.

2- Create an account, it's free to join.

3-After you complete installation process, login to your account.

4- Choose "My Games Space".

5- There, you will find your own online games website link, it will be something like this:

6- By using this link, you can invite your friends and any other people who want to enjoy their time playing casual games and you will earn 25% of all their activities forever. It is very simple, send your link to all your friends to let them joining your team to play together.

7- To customize your online games website, go to "My Game Space" >> "Edit My Game Space".

8- Now go to https://pnp.bigfishgames.com/ and login to your account with the same Email and password. Through this site, you can manage your payment options, get nice banners and costume affiliate links and you can create a complete game site using the XML option.

To get all these marketing tools, like links and banners from your account at https://pnp.bigfishgames.com/, just choose "Content" after logging and pick your favorite marketing tool.

This program is different from other affiliate programs in many things, first thing is you will earn 25% from all your invited players purchases forever. And you'll earn 25% from all their referrals earnings too. So when your direct referrals invite their friends, you'll also earn 25% from these friends. It is a perfect long term affiliate program.

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