Pay per play - Audio ads pay you

Pay per play is a good opportunity to make money from your website traffic effortlessly; you just need to add a small code in your web pages and the money machine will start automatically. Every time a visitor comes to your website, a 5 seconds ad will be played automatically and you get paid instantly. It is so easy to make good money from this program. Sign up today!


1. You get paid every time the 5 seconds ad be played.
2. You don't have to get your visitors out from your website.
3. Payment by PayPal, Cheque and Bank account transfer.
4. You can add the code in any number of websites and blogs.
5. 3 tier referral program. You earn commission from your direct referrals and from people that sponsored by your referrals.
6. Very good with high traffic websites.
7. No need for clicks, no need for affiliate links, no need for page impressions, you just get paid from your traffic.

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