Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser is a "Pay per click" service that becomes very popular company these days. Generally, it could be a very good Adsense alternative for people who get panned by Adsense. As you see at the right of this post, it generates a very relevant ads that will interest your visitors and will increase the chance of clicking the ads.

Otherwise other Pay per click services, it pays an average of 50 cents per click, this is what makes Bidvertiser is better than many other PPC services that often pay their publishers average of only 1 to 10 cents per click.

The features of the program:

1. Pay per click service that accepts all types of blogs and websites.
2. You can choose the best-pay websites to advertise on your website.
3. Pays through PayPal and cheques.
4. 10$ minimum payouts. "the smallest payout payment in the industry"
5. Accepts your additional website/blog instantly.
6. So friendly supporting team, 24h/day & 7days/week.
7. You can customize the ads to match your website colors.
8. Your advertising account will be installed automatically to advertise your product or service getting high targeted traffic.
9. Pay per click ad for your XML feed page.

What do you need else to convert to Bidvertiser?