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When you purchase a web hosting plan you should pay for the one that suits all your hosting needs. This is my recommended plan for you, the business plan ac HostGate.org can do everything for you, great storage space, huge traffic bandwidth, multiple domain hosted, ready PHP forums and other PHP scripts, free domain name forever, Perl and CGI. Take a look at HostGate.org.

The features of the plan:

1. 15000 MB hosting space: you can store all files in your PC.

2. Multiple domain hosted: one plan for all your websites, up to 3 domain hosted.

3. 300 GB of traffic per month: receive hundreds of thousands visitors per day, no problem at all.

4. Ready PHP scrips: something like a forum will help your website and get extra traffic, this plan provides you with a one-click ready PHP forums. There are many other PHP ready to use scripts.

5. Free domain: you will get a free domain for ever, it is a big deal for new webmasters.

6. Free website builder software: if you don't have any web design experience; don't worry because you can build your website easily after clicking some buttons.

7. Amazing support team: this hosting company has the best supporting team in the industry, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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